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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How does art connect us?

Mocha Madness (above) connected me to Ryan at Thunderbird Coffee, a barista who put his all into this mocha art, inspiring me to admire and photograph it before drinking it. © Jann Alexander 2007

ART CONNECTS ME to the whole wide world. It's in the details of everything I see, be it a painting in a gallery window, a pair of earrings on a friend, a stranger's chic shoes, a shadow cast, a colorful guitar on Congress, a paint-worn doorway, a well-designed typeface or a fine contemporary building arising above a 1950s neon sign, or the color in the sky--the art of it all connects me to everything my eyes can take in. So all of this becomes part of my world, and I'm part of it all, and more inspired and energized because of the connection.

Art connects us all, though we may not think much about it. I've been giving it some thought lately, thanks to Art Alliance Austin's 2009 campaign, ART CONNECTS. You can share your story about how art connects at


First Time Mom said...

how the hell does he do that??? that's awesome.

Jann Alexander at said...

it's truly an art form, isn't it? deeeee-lish, too.